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Soyars Law Offices, P.C. is a San Antonio based criminal defense law firm committed to designing a personalized defense strategy that’s right for you. If you need an aggressive, litigation strategy right from the start, then let us fight for you. We have successfully defended against hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases throughout the San Antonio and surrounding Central Texas area and we are not afraid to fight for your freedom, your job, your reputation! We also understand that some clients have more specific goals in mind that do not necessarily include trial. At Soyars Law Offices, we recognize that your personal goals play a big part in how we approach a case and so we provide flexible pricing options so you can decide what approach is best for you. As President of Soyars Law Offices, P.C., Jodi Soyars, promises that your case will be a priority and that you will receive personalized and prompt attention.

Prompt Answers To Simple Questions Minimizes Your Stress!

Being arrested and charged with a crime is stressful, especially if it has never happened to you before. At Soyars Law Offices, P.C., we understand your concerns and realize that getting quick responses to even simple questions helps ease your stress. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your calls. Call and speak directly with Jodi Soyars, she has over 10+ years’ experience helping those in need defend themselves from criminal prosecution. She understands that in many cases your ability to remain employed hinges on you beating the State’s allegations against you. Money can also be a major concern if you were just arrested. You spent a good deal of money bonding out, money you did not budget for and money you did not expect to have to come up with and now you need to hire an attorney to defend your freedom, your reputation and your livelihood. DO NOT BECOME OVERWHELMED! Just pick up the phone and call Jodi and she can help you by breaking it down into simple manageable steps. Picking up the phone is the first step!

Invoke Your Miranda Rights And Remain Silent—You Have A Right To An Attorney!

When Officers tell you "You have the right to remain silent and anything you say can be used against you"—you need to believe them. Some of the toughest cases we’ve had have to do with the client’s own admissions or incriminating statements. Do not make statements about your case or discuss your case with anyone other than a CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY! We repeat . . . Do not discuss your case with anyone, especially law enforcement, before you speak to a CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY! You need to speak directly to an attorney, like Jodi Soyars, so that your statements are protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege. Jodi can advise you on the next step you need to take. Some cases have 15 DAY DEADLINES and if you do not call you could miss that deadline. CALL TODAY!

Stay Off Social Media While Your Case Is Pending!

Social media sites have become an ever constant reality in our world, but they also tend to hurt your case. The State can use your written and visual postings against you. Do not make things any worse for yourself at this stage. If you have a social media site consider taking it down while the case is pending and if for some reason you wind up on probation, please continue to keep it down until you have successfully completed your probation. This is just an example of the helpful advice Jodi will provide you with to make sure you are optimizing your case for the best possible defense.

Education & Experience Make A Difference!

Our job is to help educate you so that you can make an informed decision about which personalized defense strategy is best for you. It’s important to understand the criminal court process, but it’s even more important that you be educated on what to expect from your particular court and your particular prosecutors. Different courts offer different programs to resolve your case and if your attorney doesn’t know the particular programs available in your courts, this can hurt your case and your future. Jodi Soyars, an experienced criminal defense attorney at Soyars Law Offices, P.C., has over 10 years’ experience practicing law in the Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe and Hays County Courts. She graduated with honors from law school and she has handled hundreds of misdemeanors like DWI, assault, theft, possession of marijuana and other dangerous drug, racing, reckless driving, criminal trespass, resisting arrest, evading arrest, and burglary of vehicles, etc. She has also handled numerous felony cases including DWI with child, DWI 3 or more, assault family violence enhanced, aggravated assault, robbery, murder, sexual assault, welfare fraud, theft, burglary of building, forgery, burglary of habitation, delivery, transportation and possession of controlled substances (including cocaine, heroin, and meth), etc. Some of these cases also involved enhancements because the client had prior trips to prison and was considered either a repeat or habitual offender, other cases involved findings of deadly weapons or were aggravated by certain facts in the case—all of which required an experienced CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY. CALL JODI TODAY AND ASK HER WHAT SHE CAN DO TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR CASE.

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