San Antonio Internet Crimes Attorney

San Antonio Internet Crimes Attorney

If you have been charged with an Internet crime, you should speak with a lawyer before making any statements to the police. Federal, State and local law enforcement have recently increased their investigation efforts into cyber crimes. The laws governing Cyber Crimes are complicated and carry severe fines, jail time, and the loss of certain civil liberties. Jodi is ready to mount an aggressive defense that challenges police procedures and exploits any flaws in the prosecution's case. If you are facing charges involving cyber crimes, you need a experienced San Antonio Internet Crime Attorney. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Cyber Crimes

Cyber crime has an expansive definition that includes any crime conducted via the Internet, network or digital device. These e-crimes include using the Internet with the intent to disrupt the normal operations of a business or person by fraud, unauthorized destruction of data, or publishing confidential information. Internet crimes also include the unauthorized use of someone’s likeness or image without permission, identity theft, or the use of the Internet to facilitate drug trafficking or violence. An individual commits a Internet Crime if they knowingly and without authority use a computer and the Internet to remove change or erase date, cause a malfunction, alter a financial instrument or electronic transfer of funds. These e-crimes also include conduct intended to bully, harass or annoy someone by means of electronic mail, email, messaging or other correspondence over the Internet.

In an effort to fight Internet Crime and to collect relevant digital evidence for all crimes, law enforcement agencies are incorporating the collection and analysis of digital evidence, also known as computer forensics, into their infrastructure. Law enforcement agencies are challenged by the need to train officers to collect digital evidence and keep up with rapidly evolving technologies such as computer operating systems. This can often lead to law enforcement mistakes that can be used in your defense. The laws governing Internet Crimes are complicated and evolving, so you need a San Antonio Internet Crime Attorney with experience and knowledge of laws governing the Internet. It is extremely important to choose the best defense lawyer to defend your constitutional rights.

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Capturing digital evidence, such as that found on cellular phones, GPS devices, computers, tablets and network servers, are used to solve cyber crimes. Digital evidence now plays a role in virtually every crime, including those thought of as street crimes like homicide, robbery, drug crimes, and theft. Other crimes may occur entirely online, like stalking or identity theft. If you are charged with a crime and the evidence against you includes digital evidence, you are going to need an experienced Cyber Crime Attorney. Call and speak with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney today.